The Details

With the mild Anaheim weather, the entire park blossoming into sweet pastels, and a heady atmosphere of romance, its no wonder twitterpated couples take to Disneyland for their Valentine's Day outing. 

The park serves as a stunning backdrop for an unforgettable celebration of love.  There are dining options, dark rides, picture opportunities and plenty of shopping outlets to spoil your sweetheart a bit. And scattered throughout all the bigger attractions Disneyland offers an array of small details that capture the imagination and put you in the mood for love: 

A nighttime water show just outside Pixie Hollow. 

The view along the Rivers of America. 

The Dapper Dans, ready to serenade Valentines
strolling down Main Street. 

 The beautifully Valentine-themed windows at the
Gibson Girl IceCream Parlor on Main Street. 

 And of course, more Main Street Windows. 

As many of these captivating sights are found along Main Street USA, here is an appropriate and tender little ditty that's always been a personal favorite:   

When You Walk Down Main Street With Me
Gene Kelly and Vera Ellen

Valentine's Day is truly all in the details: the subtle decorations, the "Up" theme floating on the breeze, the sun setting behind Sleeping Beauty's Castle... 

But the details that you'll truly cherish are those that involve the people you love - your Valentines. Whether you're spending the day with a parent, friend, sweetheart or sibling, that gentle hug, that lingering kiss, the way they smile at your joke -- that's what matters. 

Happy Valentine's Day from Mouse Kisses!

Riverside Fireworks

For a few chilly February evenings, the magic of Disneyland's "Remember...Dreams Come True" fireworks show can be viewed in a rare and spectacular way: aboard a dockside Mark Twain.

The lanterns flicker and dim. Couples gather along the top deck's railing, eyes skyward. In the distance, Tinker Bell glides towards the castle. And from the tranquility of the Rivers of America, you and your honey are immersed in a bright, sweet finale to your day.

Unfortunately, there is less than two weeks left for this fireworks viewing (Fantasmic is set to return around February 13) and, subsequent, nighttime boat ride. So bundle up and hop on board for one heck of a show.

Weekend Run Fun!

The 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is August 28-31 and while it might seem a bit early to be thinking about early fall, registration opens today! The weekend offers a variety of events, ranging from a family-friendly 5k to the ultimate challenge: the Dumbo Double Dare (a 10k and a half-marathon).

So whether you and your sweetie are running enthusiasts or just looking for a fun way to get in better shape this year, be sure to swing by the RunDisney site for more information. Ready, set, race!

Strike a Pose

The time has come to shape fedoras, don voluminous petticoats and pucker up for a splash of red. Dapper Day's Disneyland Fall Soiree is Friday, September 6th and with the event's ever-growing popularity, its sure to be a rambunctious evening of fashion and frivolity. 

Some music to help set the mood. 

Dressed in your finest and with the beauteous backdrop of the parks, Dapper Day is the perfect occasion to stock up on photos of you and your sweetie. But where to begin? 

Here are a few of our top Dapper Day photo op picks: 

1. Main Street, USA

As twilight settles over the park, the Main Street Cinema comes alive with the warm glow of incandescent light, setting the stage for a nighttime pic. Added effect? Grab a box of popcorn to 'munch' with your honey under the marquee.  

2. Buena Vista Street

The sweet strains of swing, the overtones of art deco... there's no doubt that Buena Vista Street is the place to be on Dapper Day. To explore its offerings and capture some adorable moments, hop aboard a Red Car and document every step on film.  Need some inspiration? Try looking over your shoulder, right before stepping into the car for a great shot. Or, have you and your honey grin from one of the car's open windows to lend some perspective. 

3. New Orleans Square

The location itself is dapper. Find an ornate doorway, duck underneath and snag a few pictures of you and your lovely in a playful embrace. Or heck, maybe even necking. 

4. The Carthay Circle Lounge

Toast the night on camera bathed in the soft light of this stunning lounge. The wood molding, plush carpets and abundant drinks serve as the perfect background and prop. 

5. Join the Group

One of the absolute best parts of Dapper Day is all the lavishly attired peeps strolling the parks. Each event, there are a few meetups organized in advance, so why not join in on the fun and meet some new friends? The Mark Twain Mixer, 3-4:30pm, gives you a chance to explore the decks with your sweetheart, mingle with your fellow dappers and snap some photos along the Rivers of America.  Or, join the group from 
8-9:30 for The Small World Twirl and grab a few shots in front of this classicly stylish 60's attraction. 

Wherever you end up capturing your memories during this year's Fall Soiree, live it up with your love. Snuggle on dark rides, steal kisses in queues,  and intertwine fingers during the firework's finale: cherish your dapper guy or gal. 

The Optimist

Imagineering notes left etched in Walt's favorite pub table. Historical legends immortalized in Club 33. Visions of a great, big, beautiful tomorrow. Are you an optimist? 

"The Optimist" is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) weaving Disney history and interactive experiences into a fictional adventure exploring the potential and promise of a future founded in Disney past. 


So, wait, what is an ARG? Great question. Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure myself. 

At the beginning of July, Disney announced a new experience available to fans: an ARG. ARGs are transmedia, narrative experiences where the story is delivered through multiple real-world platforms. While a movie restricts you to observing the action, an ARG allows you to participate in it. 


The Optimist began with the introduction of Amelia, a student filmmaker looking to honor the memory of her late grandfather by piecing together some fuzzy family history, including his possible affiliation with a Walt Disney project.  

Amelia's blog is a compilation of personal recollections, documents, photos and videos hinting at a history that goes far beyond her grandfather: the existence of a secret society. 

To dive deeper into the intrigue, visit Amelia's blog and follow her on Twitter


The real delight of participating in the intricacies of this unfolding story is the spirit of collaboration it inspires. The Optimist encompasses both digital and real-world components. From the tweeting of clues to gathering at live events, a community has sprung up, relying on each others' insights and ideas. 

Here's a very brief recap: 

  • Amelia's blog is launched. She posts a series of her artifacts that belonged to grandfather, which led to: 
  • A secret WED voice mail
  • The location of the Tam O' Shanter (one of Walt's favorite restaurants), a poster commemorating Walt and his Imagineers and some pivotal clues etched into his usual table
  • The character of Wallace and his beautiful and illuminating artwork, Disney Cartography 
  • A mapping of Walt's Haunts and clues corresponding to each location
  • A series of wine glasses in Club 33 pointing to some well-known historical figures
  • An exclusive trip to Walt's Main Street apartment 
  • An interactive, digital exploration of a portion of the Disneyland that never was
  • A live video chat with Wallace

And so much more...

One of Walt's Haunts. 

More than a mere can of chili. 

The plague at Walt's Tam O' Shanter table. 

The combine at Walt's Red Barn. With flash, that Santa Fe poster 
became more than meets the eye. 

A group of Optimists wait for a event at Walt's bench. 

The view from the wheelhouse turned out to be enlightening. 

Every whimsical clue has led to more personal, unforgettable experiences. Train rides at Walt's Red Barn, lunch and theories at Cafe New Orleans, batted breath in Walt's apartment;  its the chance to share the excitement and enthusiasm with my honey that sweetens the whole deal. There's nothing more intimate than sharing in an adventure.


The Optimist is due to wrap up in the coming weeks, but a few more happenings are expected. If you'd like to follow along or just explore the digital footprint of this fantastic tale, here is a handy list of reference sites. 

Amelia's Blog
Hastin's MiceChat Recap
Inside the Magic's Collaborative GoogleDoc

While The Optimist may ultimately be revealed as promotional support for the upcoming film Tomorrowland, the experience has taken on a life of its own, satisfying all the needs of classic storytelling in a timely, new form.

Original artwork courtesy of Nick Tierce. 

Wherever You Find Love It Feels Like Christmas

Its Christmas time... in the middle of a California July! As part of the parks' Limited Time Magic, Passholders are invited to share in holiday festivities with a screening of A Muppet Christmas Carol.

So grab your sweetie, snatch your Santa hat out of moth balls and head over to Disney's California Adventure to enjoy the evening snuggling in the cool, darkened MuppetVision 3D theater and humming along to those catchy, Muppet-Christmas tunes.

Reminder: the last screening is tonight, July 23, at 8pm.  For more information click here.

Wonderland at Twilight

Summers at the Disneyland Resort can swelter: crowds shuffle under the beaming California sun, sweat falls in rivulets across park-goers' foreheads and Coke can't seem to be cold enough.

In the excitement of the season, and as a blissful reprieve from the heat, the Disneyland Mountains offer unforgettable thrill.  But, as the sun finally tucks itself beneath the horizon, with the onset of a few twilight hours, there is one location sure to offer sweethearts some lovely summer memories. Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Concept Art, Mary Blair

On the edge of Fantasyland, Wonderland is a perpetual, merry teaparty, lit with strung lanterns and serenaded by whistling teapots.  This cute area offers two major attractions: Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Tea Party. The first is a dark ride, a chance to snuggle up to one another in the cooling, evening air and follow Alice down the rabbit hole and on an adventure.  The second is a frenzy of a celebration, inviting you and your honey to ride a crazed spinning teacup.

A lovely clip to set the mood. 

The charm of the area, though, comes from simply enjoying the atmosphere. In the twinkle of evening time, the Teaparty's lantern light casts a colorful glow on you and your honey, a moment to share sweet kisses and relax after a day of heat and coaster-related thrills.

Or, if you're like me, this portion of the park delights with its details. Step into a quaint English cottage to don ridiculous hats and snap pictures at the Mad Hatter shop. Admire the six foot high Wonderland foliage as you wind through a ride queue. Strike a pose next to the Cheshire Cat and flash you biggest grins.  

Whichever direction you choose, whether its "this way", "that way" or "yonder", bask in the wonder of the evening and your sweetie.  

Alice in Wonderland Concept Art, Mary Blair

PS- Don't Step on the Mome Raths